Friday, January 14, 2011

Copyright Free Fonts

Fonts are really incredible aren't they? Also more correctly known as typefaces in the design world, the right font can make a good design incredible. It can even make a poor design better. And a poorly chosen font, one that doesn't fit the right mood or audience can make a great design miss its mark.

Copyright free fonts are fonts that can be used for free, as they don't have any copyright attached to them. Another more correct term would be public domain fonts, or perhaps just free fonts. You could find a free font out there on the web but be careful and make sure you check its license or terms of use: some free fonts won't let you use them in cases where you'll be making money - they are only for non-commercial use.

I'll be providing some great free fonts, and wherever possible I'll indicate if it can be used for personal or commercial use.

Sit back and enjoy the world of copyright free fonts! If you have any great suggestions, send me an email!

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